Old Pets . . . Old Me

I have a few pets and most of them are old. Really old. Then there is the young dog that I got when she was a puppy a couple years ago. I cannot walk her. She thinks we’re jogging. I can get her attention with the word “treat”. I teach my pets words. Just the other night I passed by her. She was lying by my son’s feet. I shook the bottle of pills she takes and called out their name. She jumped up, highly alert and followed me to the kitchen. I hide the pill in a piece of chicken. She gobbles it up. She gets to enjoy fresh chicken because the old dog I have has developed a stomach problem. If the old dog eats anything that isn’t lean meat, she ends up lying on her side looking like a truck ran over her. The vet said to feed her chicken – white meat only – and rice. I also find my own tastes changing as I age. Fruit now is a delight that it has never been in the past. People say food replaces sex as we age. We’ll see about that, ha ha.


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