Things Can Wait.

The midwest part of the United States has been pummeled with a terrible snowstorm in the past few days. Reading about it, I am jarred by phrases like these: “17 inches of snow”, “snow emergencies”, and “a blanket of heavy wet snow and slush”. Then I am astonished by phrases like these: “the storm’s impact on the Midwest, where it was blamed for separate crashes in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri on snow-slicked roads”, “Slick roads were also being blamed for a series of crashes”, “a jack-knifed semi and subsequent fuel leak required a hazardous materials” and “it happened at the worst time for the morning commute”.  Don’t people know that they can stop, stay home, and wait for the weather to clear? Has everyone lost their common sense? I keep reading of accidents and life-threatening conditions due to accidents from being in a car on the snow slicked roads. Hey, young people! Here’s an idea. The next time you have several inches of snow in a terrible snowstorm and you even think you should go out in it and drive to work, call your boss and tell him/her that when your car lunged into your living room, with its engine running and demanding you to get in it and let’s try to get to work! that you REFUSED. That’s right. Eveyone acts like it’s the CARS that are causing the accidents on these hazardous roads when it’s the people driving them who think they are so important, or their jobs are so important, that they cannot stay home to save their lives! Old people have sayings and beliefs that would be best taken up by younger ones. CALL IN! I have done it when the weather was not driveable. I also laughed at the ones who drove in anyway, only to be sent home within two hours of getting there. Your life depends on your brain. Use it.



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