I just scanned a news article about North Korea and something it has done that means war is imminent. Didn’t we just have a war with them? Wasn’t that what the TV show “MASH” was about? Is it the way of the world to fight with other countries over and over? Wasn’t there a “War to end all wars?” It must not have worked. It pains me to see young men and women go off to war and return home scarred and changed in ways that affect the rest of their lives. I read yesterday about Thomas Young, a war veteran who was injured in 2004 and has suffered so much that he now plans to just let himself die. He’s 33 years old. If 2004 was 9 years ago, he was 24 years old when he was hit by a sniper’s bullet while traveling in an open-top vehicle as part of a rescue convoy. The bullet severed his spine. (Why didn’t the vehicle have a top on it – a bullet proof top?) At any rate, war didn’t serve him well and I doubt it ever is good for anyone who is personally involved in fighting it. I’m feeling my age recently and looking at life through clearer lenses. I didn’t like seeing classmates and friends head to Vietnam. I don’t see any permanent good coming from most wars. Hitler needed to be stopped. I’ll grant you that. But some of the recent wars don’t seem to have the good outcomes everyone expects. Like with squabbling children, perhaps some places need to be left to their own resolutions. I don’t think our founding fathers created this country with the idea that we would try to influence other countries in the world. We came here to be different, not to be domineering. Wars and rumors of wars. Seems I read that somewhere.


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