Illness At An Older Age

I’ve been sick – ill – whatever word you use – since last Wednesday. I believe it began on Tuesday, but I didn’t see a doctor until Wed. That was the day the throwing up began. Wednesday. When I saw the doctor, he said I had that terrible stomach virus that is going around. He wrote a work note stating that I could return to work the following Monday. I thought he was very pessimistic, but it seems now that he was optimistic. It is Monday afternoon and I was not able to go in to work this morning. I felt too weak. I believe I could have overcome this “bug” quicker at a younger age. I am not sure. My son, who is not quite half my age has also come down with this “bug”. This is his third day in bed – or is it his fourth? Age does matter. With the wisdom that comes from living a long time also comes more of an inability to adjust to change. At least for me. I am clamoring from this chair (no longer can climb to the rooftop) that I’ve had enough! Let the wellness, that I was enjoying, return!



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