If I Could Be The Weatherman

If I could be the weatherman, I would get the forecast right more often than he does. Have you ever noticed that he’s right about half the time, yet he keeps his job? What other job allows that?

I can tell when it’s going to rain by pains I feel.

I can tell what the air quality is like by how my asthma is doing.

I can tell many things about the weather by physical reactions to the air and atmospheric pressure or whatever they call it, than the weather man can. I don’t need all the instruments and maps he uses. I have internal signals.

Can’t you see it now? Rain tomorrow, because my leg is hurting right here and it always hurts right here the day before it rains. Sunny and hot. How hard is that to predict in the summertime?

We senior citizens should consider how to use what we now have to make life better – not just for ourselves, but for people who need our knowledge. All weathermen should have a senior citizen consultant to help with predictions.


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