I’m Sure Someone Is Older Than I Am

Watching a TV show with my youngest son today . . . one of the main characters was a sixty year old woman.

“Do I LOOK like THAT?” I asked him

“No, Mom,” he replied.

What a frumpy looking woman she was. Educated though. She reminded me of myself.

“Are you sure I don’t look like her?” I asked again.

“No, Mom”.

I didn’t like her appearance and I especially didn’t like it when they hauled her away to the hospital on a gurney. Before the show ended, they found her on her couch. She’d had a heart attack and passed away in her sleep.

“Why do they always make people younger than me die in these movies?” I asked him. It just didn’t seem fair to me that the older characters died frequently.

My baby boy, who was born when I was called an “elderly maternity patient” (first time I was called elderly), sat looking at me. “Mom,” he said, “most of the actors on tv are not as old as you are. Notice it sometime.”

Oh, great. Something else to sit and ponder.

I know there are actors older than I am. I already look at the obituaries frequently to see how old the people are who are dying. Now I need to check out the actors in shows and movies to see if I’m still younger than they are?

This is too much work. Relax and pass the popcorn. Age is just a number and I’m sure there’s someone older than I am in every movie I see.


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