Old Enough Not To Buy It All

I just saw a headline touting a Christian biker who saved a tornado victim. Huh? Which should impress me more? That he was a Christian or that he was a biker? Or are you trying to tell me that a non-Christian biker would not have saved a tornado victim? I have known bikers and one in particular, although very tall and very imposing in body build, was also a gentle giant who drew pictures in charcoal paints.

Labels. I see more clearly the labels that are placed on others. If you trust me, and I tell you so and so is a liar, you will believe me, whether that person ever lies to you or not.

Facades are more easily seen through at my age than at any other time in my life. My niece was a liar. She had a stellar facade. She caused me a lot of trouble with her lies and her false posturing. She caused me so much trouble that I no longer have anything to do with her and eventually had to break ties with my own sister, who birthed that lying niece. For my sister, with her own facades and lies, had also pulled the wool over my eyes. These now old eyes have seen enough in this world to recognize some of the things that human beings are capable of.  These eyes have also watched those who perceive theirs are clever ways to make people think like they think.

A Christian biker indeed. Does that mean he goes to church every Sunday, which makes you no more of a Christian than putting a Bible out to be seen in your living room does? Biker. What kind of image was the writer of that article trying to conjure up with that one word?

Article went unread. I do not entertain bigots or those who want to sway my opinion in a biased way. There’s a song called “You Had Me From Hello” . . . or at least that’s a lyric in it. I’ve listened to it all the way through many times. Nice little tune that implies someone liked what was seen from the first time it was viewed. Unlike Christian Biker, which smacks of a biased, opinionated writer who expects you to share their world views.

I have my own world views. No one is exactly as they seem. Not even me.


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