I’m tired of my smart aleck sons mentioning Alzheimers everytime I forget something. 

I cannot remember the dog’s name because I did not name her, and I have never liked her name. For awhile I called her Jezebel. When my sons complained, I commented that it was a nice, Biblical name.

Her name is Joy. She is often anything, but joy. She would have been better suited to the name Trouble.

It’s a funny thing to me that the only member of this family who can currently work a job every day appears to have Alzheimers to the other members of the family.

I think they are kidding, but what do I really know? I’m too old and tired to give a damn.

If I don’t put these words on paper (so to speak, I am well aware I am typing on a computer and the words are on a computer screen), they will rumble around in my head all day.

Do young people know how insulting it is to make fun of their elders? Obviously there’s a word for that. I think it’s called disrespect, or dissing as some have said.


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