I got a haircut a couple days ago. No one at work has mentioned it. More of the blonde was cut out, and I think it looks better. I don’t know why no one has noticed. We did have a three day weekend. Maybe they forgot what I looked like on Friday when I returned to work Tuesday?

I think I’m going to like my natural color, but then again, I might go back to being blonde. My hair is naturally curly and the texture of it is different when it’s not colored. I have a good hairstylist. His name is Michael. I tell him he’s an artist, because he is. He can do wonders with my hair. He’s a very pleasant man from Long Island, NY. He always has something interesting to talk about.

I saw some old pictures – well a couple years old – of me, and my hair in those pictures was too short. I didn’t realize it at the time. Do you ever wonder, if you see things and think they aren’t appealing, what you were thinking when you had things that way?

Maybe tomorrow someone will tell me my hair looks nice?


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