I remember being younger and thinking naps were a waste of time. It seemed like there was a lot happening in the world and I might miss something.

Now I find my eyes trying to close in the mid-afternoon. When I let them – when I can, because I’m not at work – I find myself refreshed immensely when I wake up.

Things have to be planned when you nap in the afternoon. Ringers have to be turned off on phones. Hopefully no one knocks on the door. They won’t, if you advertise that you sleep in the afternoons.

I’m at my best when I first wake up. As the morning disappears, I am not as alert or as energetic. Then, after a nap, it’s as if I just woke up again and my energy has returned.

I don’t sleep as long at night, even on days when I don’t nap. I average about six hours of sleep each night. Naps help to round that number up to eight.

When I know I can’t nap, I will go to bed early and prop up in bed and watch a little TV. It seems to help. Not as well as a nap, but it supplements the six hours I am able to sleep.

Getting old, a friend told me, is not for wimps. There are adjustments that have to be made, that’s for sure. I bought a bicycle and so many people told me how many things I could break, if I fell while riding it that I didn’t ride it much. Couldn’t enjoy it with those thoughts in my head. I walk slower. There again, I might break something if I fall, which I didn’t the last time I fell, but why risk it? I see the doctor more frequently, and I question his advice more than when I was younger.

But the naps? That’s one part of getting older that I really enjoy. If I ever manage to retire, I will be napping every day. It will be a part of my schedule. Just like it is on weekends now.

And it’s almost 3:00 pm on Saturday. I’m a little late, but I’m going to take a nap.


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