Older Pets

Not only am I aging, but my pets are as well. I was just out on the porch with Hunter. She wasn’t feeling too frisky yesterday and today I see a symptom that probably requires a vet’s attention. The difference in pets and us is that they can’t really express how badly they feel, or even what they feel physically.

They tend to slow down in activity much as we do, so that we don’t notice it as it happens. I’ve had Hunter quite some time. At least 13 years.

My other cat, Spot is probably 15 years old. I wonder if he ever thinks about the early days when he was a kitten and a young cat and was in the midst of the family? Now the dogs I have don’t get along with the cats, and when you are not always with the family, as Spot no longer is, you get less attention. Spot tries to come in the side door, where the dogs are. I have to steer him to the front room. There is a door between the two areas and it stays closed. I remember him sitting on the back of my son’s chair, playing with my son’s hair as my son played video games as a child. Now that son has moved away and Spot catches as catch can the affection he once took for granted.

Times change – not just for us, but for our pets. I think the most fearful part of aging is wondering if you’ll end up helpless in a nursing home and if you do, if you’ll be forgotten? Spot is on the porch right now enjoying being outside. But does he feel forgotten? I hope not. I just sat with him awhile and petted him and talked to him. How much I miss his constant company!


This is old Spot.


This is old Hunter.


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