Bad Storms Expected Here Tonight

Does anyone else remember before TV’s when the weather was our entertainment? I’ve already been out once to feel the wind and rain. I heard a bunch of sirens screaming past on the highway. I have no idea what they were heading to. Our lights have flickered a few times. The younger people who live with me won’t know what to do if their computers quit working. I may go sit on the porch. That was always fun during a storm.

I’m hoping the sirens were false alarms. I haven’t heard anymore since then.

Our trash can was blown over. We put up two windows to let the cool air blow through. It was in the 90’s earlier today. So hot the kids’ recess was “modified” to keep them inside during the hottest part of the day.

It’s raining, but it’s not pouring. And this older lady is not boring. At least not all the time.


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