Going Slower is a Benefit

I see many people rushing through life. I used to go faster too. Now that I’m older, I find that I take more time as I go places and do things.

I don’t understand how people get much pleasure out of things they speed through. The fact that I did it myself lets me understand why they hurry through tasks (and their lives), It feels like there’s not enough time in each day to do all the things that must get done. Or must they?

I’m finding some things work themselves out. Some things can be done later and some things don’t matter that much after all.

I’ve been fortunate this year in having a boss who is not a micro manager when it comes to being on time – exactly on time – to the minute. I had a boss a few years ago who would write you up, if you were 30 seconds late. Likewise, my son had a principal who would give him in school suspension for being 30 seconds tardy. Mindsets like those tend to make a person’s whole day seem harried and stressful. I try to get to work on time. When I am a few minutes late, I do not feel frantic like I have in the past with other bosses.

I wonder how people’s blood pressure is faring these days? When I had the boss who would write someone up for being 30 seconds late, we had an epidemic of high blood pressure at that workplace.

Aging and slowing down is a good thing. I see things I never noticed before and I enjoy life more.


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