Brain Power

I play puzzle games on the computer. I enjoy them and as an added benefit, I think they help my mind stay more nimble.

I just worked on a puzzle on Sugar Crush Saga, which is a Facebook puzzle game. I could not do it. I fixed pop tarts and came back and as I ate, I did better and saw more how to solve the puzzle. I have worked on this puzzle a few times before.

Suddenly it all made sense. There were just three squares of jelly I need to bust to complete the puzzle. I figured out a way to get my colored blocks in the right position to do this.

Was it the pop tarts? Was it the sugar? I do believe that sugar is a brain food that parents are denying their children in an effort to be “good parents”. Everywhere we read that sugar is bad for you and for your children. In fact, articles state, sugar will make your children hyper in such a way that you can no longer control them. Really?

Sugar makes me happy. It helps me think more clearly. I believe we all need sugar daily, and we certainly need it when we’re trying to think clearly.

Are you denying your child’s brain a necessary nutrient for its development and growth? I think many parents are, as they strive to be so perfect in their parenting that they jump on the popular bandwagons and do what others expect and what they see others doing.

A little sugar is not a bad thing. It is beneficial.

My middle son, Conrad, did an experiment in college using sugar. He wrote a paper on it. It was for one of his psychology classes. Perhaps one day I’ll invite him to be a guest columnist here and show you what he found.



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