Perry Mason

My grandmother and I used to sit on the couch together and watch Perry Mason on TV. I can’t remember how old I was, but I do remember her patiently explaining what some of the things were that were happening that I didn’t understand.

I’ve recently discovered the Perry Mason show at and go there daily to rewatch the episodes. I cannot remember the plots, as I was very young when I watched them the first time, but I do get a warm fuzzy feeling being among the characters as they go about discovering whodunit.

Perry Mason is a quiet type who always knows what to say and how to conduct himself at all times. I’m afraid he’s whom I’ve been seeking all these years. I’ve never met a man like him, although one did come close one time to being one. 

I do enjoy the old scenery and the way TV shows were done back then. I can now tell who was having affairs, when affairs were had on the show, but they didn’t flaunt it back then like they do now. Everyone didn’t tell everything, and the world was a much more interesting place.

It was also safer then than it’s ever been since. I felt good when I sat on the couch next to my grandmother watching these shows for the first time years and years ago.


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