Hair Stylist

I have a big meeting on Monday, so I went to the hair stylist today to have a trim. I’ve been letting the blonde grow out and he said now it looks like I have highlights in my hair; that’s how much blonde is left.

I sat with another lady and we talked for awhile while we waited for our “turn” in the chair. She was getting her hair colored and also getting a cut. It made me think about all the “older” ladies who now dye their hair.

I never colored my hair until I had gray to cover. One hair dresser told me she would not color my hair because I had that beautiful gray color so few women have. I’m trying to decide how beautiful the gray I’m seeing really is.

I don’t understand why people, especially women, try to look younger than they are. True, there are benefits to looking younger, but there are also benefits to looking your age.

How far should one carry it when trying to appear younger?


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