Young People

A “young person” that I’ll be working with, told me today that I was confused about something she’d said. I know these over confident young people think senior citizens are confused, but we are not. Yesterday another “young person” typed up and printed out some things for me. At the time I appreciated her help. Later, when it was too late to change them, I noticed misspelled words and left out words.

Since I’m a senior who is viewed as “confused” and also a “stickler for detail”, I hope neither of those “young people” tries to help me again. I told one of them that. She pretended to get her feelings hurt. Really? If you tell me one thing and then change your mind, but want to say I’m confused . . . especially when someone her own age was sitting right there and heard what she said. No, I’m not confused, and I’ll be damned before she has the chance to say I am again.

These cocky “younguns” do not realize how many more times we’ve been around the block than they have. There’s not much they can think of that we haven’t already seen or heard. Confused? Not even if you say so. Child.


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