If You Get In The Floor, You Will Have To Get Back Up

If anything else of mine disappears under my bed, I will find someone younger than I am to retrieve it.

I laid down in the floor to look for a pair of summer shoes that I thought might be under my bed. I saw them. I could not reach either one of them. Had to get up and get the broom so I could use the handle of it to try to push or pull them out. I forgot our newest dog, Joy, did not like the broom. She grabbed the bristle part as I was using the handle part to swing at those shoes. She growled and clamped her teeth on the bristles and tried to grab the broom out of my hands. My oldest dog heard the growling and came in and growled back at Joy to tell her not to growl at me.

I really didn’t want the shoes that badly – to have all that trouble. I did get them out. Then I put them on and asked my son how they looked? He said they didn’t look like anything I’d wear.

Well, as much trouble as I went to getting them out, I’m wearing them NOW! That is, if the dog that hates the broom doesn’t decide they’re hers. For some reason she has a shoe fetish, and if she decides a pair of shoes is hers, she doesn’t want anyone to touch them. That’s ok. I’ll get the other dog. She’ll make her let me have them.



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