Sometimes the Old Way Was Best

I get sort of tired of everybody knocking the old way of doing things. I was in a meeting today and as I watched the younger folks set up a powerpoint and then promptly delete part of it just before it was to be presented, I wondered if a handdrawn poster might have been better? As it was, it took three of them and two iPads to get the thing together in the first place.

I do think there’s a time and place for technology, but I disagree that it’s always better to use it. It’s as if the younger generation is drunk on the whistles and bells that come with being able to do things the new-fangled way without any regard to the best way.

Another presentation stopped midway. It was a group singing a song. They had recorded themselves singing it. They were all in the room. Why not just stand up and sing the thing. Was it better to get halfway through it and then have it stop and us wait while it finished “loading” to see the last half? Wasn’t something lost in the interruption?

I write things down. I haven’t seen a computer or a computer program or any other piece of technology that hasn’t refused to work at one time or another. The young folks can depend heavily on technology if they want to. I do wonder what they’ll do when it fails and all us older people are gone?


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