Don’t Assume

The doorbell rang today while I was in the shower. Needless to say, it did not get answered. I’d seen someone who looked to be proselytizing in my neighbor’s yard earlier. I think that was probably who was at my door as I later saw them farther down the street talking to other neighbors in their yards.

I am glad when others have faith that gives them comfort. I get angry when they assume they’re closer to God than I am and I need them to preach to me. I don’t like when they ring my doorbell, and I’ve very glad I didn’t get out of the shower to answer the door.

Weekends are for rest and relaxation. If someone wants to worship, there are churches everywhere in America. (If I’d been Jewish, today would have been a bad day to be bothered – a Saturday? The Sabbath?)

There are many religions. I don’t think any one of them have things exactly right. I’ve never met anyone who agreed with every doctrine their church supported. I don’t want anyone disturbing me at home to try to change my religious beliefs.

Don’t assume I don’t have my own beliefs. Don’t assume I need YOU to lead me closer to God. Don’t ring my doorbell if you’re not a friend or relative, or if you’re not expected. I don’t like to be rude, but at my age, I’m not putting up with it.


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