Too Much In My Head To Share It All

I went for a job interview today, and frankly, I was insulted. I see so many young teachers leaving the profession before they’ve even worked five years. If someone my age with my education and experience walks in to be interviewed, I expect to be interviewed.

I arrived for the interview 15 minutes early. The interviewer kept me waiting for over an hour. According to her office staff, she was interviewing someone else. Ok. I sat and waited patiently for my turn. Finally when I had waited over an hour, I asked if they were sure she was still talking to the other person. They checked. Yes, she was, but she was finishing up.

When I finally was called to the interviewer’s office, she told me she hadn’t had a chance to review my resume. I handed her my printed copy. I had sent it to her in an email the night before. She spent ten minutes talking to me. Ten minutes. I had driven for over thirty minutes to get there. I had to drive thirty minutes back home. I’d waited over an hour to talk with her. Ten minutes is all I got to make a good impression.

I don’t know if my age factors into these things. In some cultures age is valued. In some cultures, like China, I would be considered too old to be working.

Well, in the great USA, I cannot live on the amount of social security I’d get monthly. I spent years supporting my three sons and myself and was not able to invest in a retirement account. I have to work. I am good at what I do.

If nothing else, I expect to be respected. I’ve lived a long time. I have a lot of knowledge in my head. Certainly ten minutes doesn’t give me much time to share what I know.

Next interview, if I even bother with another one, I may wear a sign that reads, “Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover”.  All I can think is she saw how old I look and decided I “wasn’t right” for the position.


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