Elbow Grease

When I was younger and trying to do something physical, like open a jar, or scrub out a stain, I was advised to “put some elbow grease into it”. I knew what this meant, and with greater force, I could do what I’d been trying to do.

I was trying to open a jar this week and no matter how much “elbow grease” I put into it, the jar refused to open. I asked my son, who is a strong 24 year old man, why they sold things they didn’t want people to be able to open and use? I would not buy another until this jar of jelly was gone and it looked like I’d have it forever because it was glued shut or something! He calmly took the jar from me, twisted the top, and it easily opened. I guess the young ones have the elbow grease. I need to find some kind of contraption to help me for times when he is not around.

Who ever thought we’d run out of elbow grease? Like a young person as they grow and are amazed by their new abilities, I am changing and dismayed by some of mine. Every day is a new day now, as I age.


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