With age, comes wisdom. I’ve heard this all my life.

I went on a day trip today and on the way home rain was pouring down. I drove through places on the road where water was beginning to collect. It was a stressful trip back.

It has been raining every day for several weeks. The ground is saturated. I went to WRAL Weather News to see what they were saying. There is a section of Highway 70 near my town that is flooded with rain water.

My son has a job tonight and needs to drive to the town that is on the other side of that highway. I asked him not to go. He’s young. He’s sure “he’ll be fine!”. Ok. So I sit here waiting for the phone to ring to let me know he either got there ok, or that I was right and he is in a mess.

With age comes wisdom. We older people recognize this wisdom for what it is. Nothing is important enough to risk life or limb for, except one of your own children. Things can wait. Going slowly makes things work out better . . . I could go on.

But it seems our wisdom is just for us. Younger people don’t want to listen (did we?). So we are wise, but these younger people will just have to learn through trial and error what is worth the risk and what isn’t.

I could have put my foot down, but he’s a grown man. You learn through experience. I guess he’s getting a little wiser tonight.

Your wisdom is your own. You can try to share it, but without a willing listener, it is wasted on others. Just be glad you have it for yourself.


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