Empty Nest Syndrome #2

When all your children grow up and move away, you are said to experience “empty nest syndrome”. I’ve gone through that once already. No one ever said I’d have to go through it again.

But all my sons, for one reason or another, had to move back in with me for awhile. One found work and moved away in May. Here it is July, and another one has found a new endeavor and is leaving. Son #3 is seeking full-time employment as well.

As I watch my son pack his things and listen to him chatter happily about his future, I realize I am filled with the same immense sadness I felt as my “nest” emptied before. I know this is “normal”, and no one lives with their mother forever. I know this is something to rejoice in. I also know this feels worse than the first time my nest emptied, for then I did not realize how lonely some times would be.

Empty Next Syndrome #2. If there is a #3, the sadness will surely kill me. They must make this new life – all 3 of their new lives – succeed. I need to get accustomed to being by myself and finding new ways to occupy my time. I do not need my adjustment to be challenged again by the three of them moving in and filling my heart with the joy of seeing them daily again. All things end.

bird in nest picture


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