Hunter is Missing

I saw Hunter (my cat) late last night when I fed her. She was outside in her usual spot. I slept about an hour later than usual this morning and have not seen her since I got up. I went outside and called and called.

I wonder if the fox I saw one morning got her during the night? I wonder if she’s at the dumpsters by the restaurant behind me going through their leftovers? I wonder if she somehow got Cassanova’s owner to let her in to visit him? I doubt it. (Cassanova is the male cat who lives next door and came to visit a few times after moving in.) I wonder if she’s fallen over dead somewhere? (she was eating ok yesterday).

I guess Hunter being old and my being old makes me realize we older creatures have to stick together and be sure we are all here and accounted for daily.

I hope I find her today. I hope she’s ok. I have Fancy Feast if I can find her.


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