Missing Anthony

We drove Anthony to his new place Monday. Actually I drove him Friday to pay the deposit on his place and set up the electric service. His brother drove him Monday to move in.

I miss him. Every time I walk by the opened door to his old room, I miss him. I may have to close the door so I can pretend he’s on the other side, writing. He would close his door when he wrote. He has a marvelous blog called the troubles with life. Let me see if I can find the link. Here it is: http://thetroubleswithlife.blogspot.com/           As you can see, he’s a very wonderful person with excellent writing skills and interesting topics. He’s not blogging at the moment because he’s waiting for his internet to be set up. Or maybe he’s blogging with pen and paper, but he’s not posting it right now.

Today I went to the grocery store for the first time in a long time without him. How I missed his being there! He would point out things I didn’t notice. He would remind me of things we needed. If he’d been there today, I would not have forgotten to get eggs. He would talk to me about different things as we traversed the store. Oh, how I missed him!

I know he’s doing what’s normal. He’s a grown men and has more in his life than his mother. I found myself humming “You Are My Sunshine” earlier tonight. I used to sing that to him when he was a baby and I’d rock him in that old pink rocking chair. He’s still my sunshine. I just can’t rock him and sing to him anymore – except in my heart.

He’s my baby boy. My youngest. He’s moved out.



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