Work Ethic

I’m having reasons to question the work ethics of the younger generation.

I’ve encountered cashiers who prefer to talk and flirt with the baggers and other employees instead of recognizing that a paying customer is coming through the line. Without me, that person would have no job, but I believe I could send a robot through the line and some of them would not notice.

Today I had occasion to call the drugstore about a prescription they had ready. I wanted to know the cost so I could send someone to pick it up with the right amount of money. First the woman (girl?) who answered said $92. Well, I have health insurance and the most a prescription CAN cost is $40. So I questioned her. She argued with me. She put me on hold three times. Finally I handed my son the phone because I could not tolerate that horrible music they play while someone is on hold, and I was getting frustrated with her incompetence.

She had told me I had a different insurance carrier than who I have; she argued about the price; she kept putting me on hold.

So when I refused to talk to her anymore, my son asked her (when she finally came back on the line for the THIRD time) how much a one month supply would be? Seems that would be $10. Does that make any sense to anyone? A three month supply is $92 (when the most a prescription can cost is $40) but a one month supply is $10? I told my son to go pick it up before she changed her mind. I also told him to ask her what her name was because he was sure to have trouble when he got there. (Have you ever been told something on the phone, but when you get to the place, no one remembers telling you that, and if you can’t tell them the name of the person who said it, they act like you made it up? Happens to me frequently.)

So my son, who is young (31) came back with the medicine. He said there was one older lady working and helping everyone and several young girls (women?) standing around like they thought they were there to decorate the place. Not working, but clearly employees.

Work Ethic. Someone needs to explain what it is to the younger generation. They don’t know.


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