Losing Weight

They say fat is a great wrinkle filler. I seem to be losing some of mine.

I’ve lost about eleven pounds since I moved here two years ago. I have started losing a little again.

It may just be water weight. Who knows?

I’m not working right now, so a lot of the stress I normally feel is absent.

I was also very sick twice last year. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but it did add to the stress of trying to work and not being able to.

I am a conscientious person. If I’m expected to be somewhere or do something, it bothers me when I’m not there.

My clothes are fitting better and I’m going through them to determine what, if anything, I want to try to wear now? Most of them were bought when I was eleven (or more) pounds heavier.

This break has shown me that if nothing else, retirement time is nearing. I just have to figure out how to support myself without a full-time job. I have no plans to invest in wrinkle cream. I did see some today in my bedroom that I bought when I was trying to sell Avon. It may be just a sample. I cannot read the writing on it as the print is too small. Why is that? Why do they sell something to people whose eyesight they know is getting worse and then put the directions for using it in such small letters that you can’t read it? 

This weight losing is fun.


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