Sad Day For Educators in North Carolina

If you are in North Carolina and still young enough to consider a career, do NOT go into education. You will spend years of your life living at the poverty level as far as income goes and also years of your life, if you borrow money for college, struggling to pay it off.

North Carolina is 46th in teacher pay right now. It may become 50th after today. The legislature has just voted to 1. Do away with Teacher Tenure 2. NOT give teachers a raise for what may be the 7th year in a row. 3. Do away with extra pay for teachers who go on to get Masters degrees in their fields . . . There were ten things listed today and those 3 have made me so sad I don’t feel like listing the rest. If there were ever a time for our young people to abandon their future as educators, it is now. Class sizes are increasing this year and then again next year. Teacher assistants, who are really needed in the lower grades, are being phased out.

I went to school in the 1970’s to become an educator. It was a job I would have cheerfully done for free, if I hadn’t needed the money for my bills. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I look at the young teachers coming in to work and wonder how they even survive? And if working for peanuts wasn’t enough, they take work home with them. This is a job that makes you work on it even when you’re not at work.

It’s an exhausting job and now has become a thankless one. I guess the legislators send their children to private schools and their regard for public schools is nil.

It’s a sad day for educators in North Carolina.


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