Did I Scare You Today?

Today I went out twice without makeup on. I wonder if anyone noticed?

The second time I went to the grocery store to stock up on the cookies that are $1.50 each package on sale this week. The cashier asked what I was celebrating and I told her the sale on cookies. Why do people assume a large quantity of food means a celebration? I should not complain. At least she talked to me.  Must be new.

I also drove through the bank drive thru. I timed that teller. It took her five minutes to process a fifty dollar check. I wonder if it had been five thousand, how long it would have taken? I have little patience for those who take a long time doing things I could do in half the time. Maybe I scared her with my unmade up face and she was scared to turn back around?

Maybe no one notices when I am wearing makeup? Maybe I should never wear it and save a few dollars that way?

I’ve quit coloring my hair. Maybe I should quit making up my face. By Halloween, I shouldn’t need a costume. Or maybe I don’t look as bad as I think I do without my makeup on? Or maybe I don’t look as good as I think I do when I am wearing it?

These are the kinds of things you have to worry about when you get older, ha ha.

I read this week about how what you wear makes you look even older. One of the comments to that article was from a young girl (woman?) who said an older person’s lack of looking younger and not trying to look youthful was why they “didn’t get any”.  I almost laughed myself out of my chair. If young women, who today, it seems, give it away like it’s water, if they think I’d prefer to huff and puff and get hot and sweaty, instead of sitting here enjoying my own time in my own way . . . not sure where I was going with this, but I imagine the older woman just wants the man sent back with all his money still on him.

Or maybe I’ve gone too long without a man friend?

I never did wear much makeup. At least when I’m not wearing any, hopefully I don’t scare anyone.


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