I just read an article that explains good reasons NOT to retire any sooner than you have to.  I also just limped to the door because an old ankle injury is aching today. It’s rainy and that may be why. Also I twisted it slightly when I got up this morning. Whatever the reason, I’m glad I don’t have to go to work today.

Some people have suggested that I should get disability, but from what I’ve read, if you’re old enough for social security, you no longer qualify for disability. My social security check would be  too small to live on, so I go to work daily during the work weeks.

Right now I have a few more weeks off before I’m scheduled to return to work. I’ve found that without the stress of working, my blood sugar is lower (I’m diabetic) and I feel better overall. If I could permanently retire right this minute, I would.

One of the reasons the article gave for not retiring was that many people define themselves by their jobs. They’re people first, employees second, but I know what the article writer meant. Still, I’ve had numerous jobs during my life. Which one defines me?

I haven’t slept well in two nights, so maybe on a “better day”, I’d completely agree with the article writer, but I doubt it. Sometimes I wonder if the workforce needs us baby boomers employed and then I think about the unemployed or underemployed young people and think maybe not.

My dream job – my ideal job – is writing.  I enjoy it and I can do it as I feel up to it. I can prop up my ankle as I type. (keyboard? am I dating myself?) At one time, when my ex-husband was describing my writing “hobby” (as he called it), he figured up that I had sold 80% of what I’d submitted. Articles and poems don’t pay all that well, but what if, what if I wrote oodles of them that did sell and what if after being “established” in the lower paying markets, I began to publish in the higher paying ones?

That would be my ideal retirement. The article also said using your brain at work keeps away dementia. I use my brain when I write.

I guess I’m thinking through what I read because while I didn’t agree with parts of it, other parts did make sense. I don’t want to just sit idle and bankrupt while I watch the world go by, but I do want to have more time for myself. For one thing it takes longer to do some things now. For another thing, I often wonder just how many years I have left on this planet? I’m jealous of my time.


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