Cleaning Up The House

I guess I am doing my spring cleaning now. I should have three more weeks at home and it seems the place needs some sprucing up.

My biggest problem is that dust and cleaners aggravate my lungs worse than they ever have before.

When I was younger, I could clean my whole apartment in one evening. I would clean it on Thursday night in preparation for the weekend.

Now, it takes me a day or two to deep clean one room.

I guess this is part of growing old. I wonder if I had better lungs if I could last longer at each task? I took a break and went out and sat with my cat, Hunter. Then I had to come in and use my inhaler because at some point, I have developed an allergy to cats. I don’t just sit with her; I sit down and put her in my lap and pet her for awhile.

I had to take a shower and change clothes. I put on my pajamas and that seems to indicate I am DONE cleaning for this day. Besides, I’m still coughing, so stirring up any dust is not a good idea.

We brought the things back from the Storage building at the beginning of this month. I could spend three weeks going through all that stuff, and I may do some of that eventually. Right now I’m rearranging things and organizing and cleaning.

I live such an exciting life.


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