It’s been awhile since I sat down to blog. I’ve had a crisis to deal with. Still trying to “put out fires”, so to speak.

You don’t get to be a senior citizen without having had problems before. I have some idea of solutions. Others elude me. So far, nothing is fixed.

One thing did improve this week. My cat, Hunter, seemed to have some sort of problem with her chin. She drooled. She laid around. She let me put medicine on her chin and didn’t fight me. Finally late in the week up came her paws and I knew she felt better. Lucky cat got cream and Fancy Feast the whole week. Anything to get her to eat and get some nourishment.

She kept her tongue out so much that part of it turned black. I gently pushed it back into her mouth and she stuck it right back out. Probably why I like her. She does things her way and anyone who doesn’t like it can take a hike.

I saw a yellow fly looking thing in her food dish yesterday trying to get a speck of food. Now I wonder if one of those things had stung her?

I’ve got a new racket that will zap a fly. You hold your finger on the button and swing it. Zap! Some of them even have a flash of light when they’re hit. I’ve been swinging it around her when the flies try to torment her. She lies there like she’s a princess and I’m to do her biding. She’s probably right. But at least that worry is gone. Now if I can take care of a couple other problems, I might be able to blog more frequently.



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