Children are delightful. They’re unpredictable at times and I have enjoyed spending time with them. My own children were my favorite. No surprise there. Nothing was too good for them, and I could not do enough.

Or maybe I could.

I went to one of my sons with this crisis I’m currently having. It is temporary, I hope. I asked him for his help. He said he could not realistically do that.


I wish I’d thought of that phrase when I did everything I’ve done for him. He’s twenty-nine years old and recently moved out. He lived with me for a year and a half and I charged him absolutely nothing. I helped him find the job he was doing while he lived here. He managed to save up enough money to buy a used (very used) car.  He’d had the car less than a month when he came to me and announced he’d found a full-time job paying half of what the part-time job he had here paid. He was moving out in three days.


Of course, he was moving into a room at a “friend’s” house and he could not take all his belongings. I am a storage building now, I guess.

During that year and a half while he lived here,  I paid for him to take a programming class, paid for the heat that kept him warm, paid for the air conditioning that kept him cool. I paid for the rent, the internet service. I paid, paid, paid and I worked every month he was here.

In early July I was told that I was being transferred and would get only four days pay in my July check. They also would be taking out monthly deductions (turned out to be $407 in deductions) and no, they could not wait and take them out in August when I got a full check. I’m not even sure it’s legal to take all the deductions for one month out of your check, if you only work four days that month. It certainly cuts a big hole into your paycheck.

So I emailed this son, who had lived with me rent free – he didn’t pay anything while he stayed here. I paid the dentist to fill a tooth he had a cavity in while he was living here. I’m sure I paid for more things than that.

But now that I’m having troubles this month and need help, he cannot realistically help me.


Offspring. I see why some species eat theirs.


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