It looks like the utility bill is taken care of. I guess I’ve aired all of this month’s dirty laundry in my blog. However, it is all I could think (worry?) about and nothing else was on my mind.

I was going to knock on wood. Do you know where that superstition came from? I do. Yet I wonder how many things like this will be lost in a few more decades?

Old people do strange things and if you are not privy to the reason, you think they’re strange. We are not strange. We just know things younger people don’t know.

Just googled origin of knocking on wood. This is sort of a quick explanation, although there were others: “the habit of knocking on wood when saying something positive or affirmative about someone or something and not wanting that to change”

I woke up around 2:00 am today. It’s ok. I went to bed at 8:30 last night. Still I probably am due another couple hours’ sleep. I might nap later. This napping will have to stop soon. I go back to work in about a week. (knock on wood!) ha, ha.



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