My Own Little World

Do you ever get tired of the bombardment of other people’s problems and emotional distresses? I read a lot, and it seems the news contains mostly stories of other people’s problems and their reactions to their problems.

I remember when I had my own little world and that was enough. Problems and distresses I heard about affected me and people I loved. No one traveled through my mind with their baggage and problems. People I don’t even know now do that daily.

I’ve been following the Native American child’s custody battle between her father and her adoptive parents. I have my own views about that, but will not air them here. This is a place for wondering when the world got so small and when I had to be involved in all its problems. Isn’t that God’s job? The few things I can change for the better, I do try to change. These things tend to be in my own little world.

I’ve seen others become spokespeople for various causes and think that’s great. I have a cause or two myself that I would like to speak for and about. However, the causes these people stand up for come from their own little worlds and things that have happened personally in their lives to them and/or their loved ones.

My mind feels assaulted on a regular basis. I care. I truly do care about other people and the challenges they face. Once in awhile what they are going through helps me with similar problems I have. But it’s not often enough for me to continue this frequent interference into my own little world.

I like my own little world. I want to finish growing old and die there. I want to reclaim the energy I have spent on what other people are going through and especially I want to avoid the emotional assault others try to inflict on me. For this reason, today, August 14, 2013, I will begin to focus on my life and what is involved in living my life. I’m sure I won’t be able to quit reading some stories, but some things I have no business even thinking about and it’s time to stop.

I want my own little world back. I want the birds that chirp in it and the flowers that grow there. I want only the problems I encounter to occupy my thoughts. I will help those I can help, but I will not continue to read and think about problems that are not my own. I have been unselfish most of my life. I am going to claim selfishness, if that’s how others choose to view it, as my right in my golden years. I’ve given, I’ve donated, I’ve helped. It’s time to rest and enjoy my own little world.


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