The American Dream (Nightmare)

I bought the whole idea. Go to school. Do well, Graduate. Get a job and start yourself on your way to a great American dream future.

I regret that I encouraged my children to follow this same dream.

What is the American dream today? It is high unemployment. It is many citizens in jail, for if American citizens do illegal things, they do to jail. However, if illegal residents, and for some reason, “illegal” loses its meaning when it goes before the word “alien”, but illegals do not have to abide by the American laws. They now own the American dream.

They have many, many children, while American citizens have limited their offspring to prevent over-crowding and to help in their pursuit of the long touted American dream.

I know more than one American who has lost their home in this “economic downturn”. I know more than one who has lost his/her job. I know several college graduates, who are expected to pay off college debt while working a minimum wage job because jobs are that bad in America.

Other countries need educated workers. I read that India is seeking engineers. China seeks English teachers. Many other countries have opportunities that America no longer has.

I suggest anyone who can and anyone who still dreams, wipe the American dust off their feet and go where the jobs and opportunities are. What are you waiting for?


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