My youngest son has traveled much more than I have. It all began when he studied abroad in college. He has told me many fascinating things about the countries he’s been to. I think I’d like to travel. I have thought about an Alaskan Cruise for years. With three children, who are now adults, and my life as a single parent, I was not able to save money and do anything I wanted to do.
Now my youngest has proven he can take care of himself. My middle son has moved on and is living and working in another town and seems to be doing ok. I have one son left at home, and I’m sure eventually he’ll find his way. He works part time, but is seeking a full time job. At any rate, I know I can travel and not worry about my children anymore. Their needs and wants are not siphoning off money I could spend on myself, but chose to spend on them instead.

The Golden Years? We’ll see.


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