Youthful Look?

I saw an ad about growing thicker eyelashes today. All I could think was, “Really?”

The ad said as you age, your lashes get thinner and to look more youthful, you should take (consume – actually swallow) their product (Pill?) which would make your eyelashes grow in more thickly.

Really? This is what women as they age should concern themselves with? And of course, as with all medicines, there are possible side effects.

Why would anyone be this vain?

Once upon a time when I wanted some sparkly eyelashes for a Halloween costume, I bought false eyelashes and pasted them on my eyelids.

I don’t like to take medicine. I don’t think we know all the side effects that may occur. I like to keep my body as pristine as I can.

A pill to increase the thickness of my eyelashes? And I thought I’d heard everything.




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