Too Dark In The Mornings

I just came back in the house from walking the dog. It is a little after six in the morning.

My alarm goes off at six so I can get to my job on time. When it buzzes and my eyes pop open, I am always confused. It’s still dark. How can it be time to get up?

While walking my dog, Blackie, I saw two or three cars leaving their driveways. So obviously someone got up earlier than I did. I hope they liked my pajamas as I didn’t throw on my robe before heading out.

At one point, my old dog stumbled off the edge of the sidewalk. Thank God for street lights, or otherwise I would have followed right after her.

I thought many of my complaints about working were because I’ve gotten old and don’t feel as well as I did in my youth. But now I wonder if some of the feelings I have stem from the illogical way we approach our days now. I get up in the dark, but when I come home, there’s plenty of sunlight left. Sometimes I look at the clock after I’m up and wonder if there are little children standing on the side of the roads waiting to catch the school buses? How hard is it to get children up in the dark to start their day, when the day has not started itself yet?

I silently ask too many questions. The world is topsy-turvy now and I cannot right it. All I can do is withdraw from it and live the rest of my life on my terms. True, the money will be tight, if it exists at all, but stumbling out of bed in the dark to race off to another day’s work just doesn’t appeal to this senior citizen like it used to. I keep trying to remember when it started being dark when I woke up for work? When did the desire for the almighty dollar supersede the common sense of waiting for daylight to start the day? There is enough daylight to get me to and from work and to last while I’m there. Is rising in the dark really necessary in America? Why are we all racing around like our backsides are on fire? Does anyone enjoy this kind of living?


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