Every time I eat in a restaurant, I feel ill that day and/or the next. Yesterday I ate lunch at one restaurant and dinner at a different one. I have felt bad all day today and may have a slight fever. I just took a pill for nausea in hopes I will not throw up.

Do restaurants put added ingredients in their meals that some people are allergic to? I know it’s not allergies that made the hush puppies inedible last night. I didn’t really need them with my health issues, so I didn’t complain and send them back, but they were so hard I didn’t even think of bringing them home for the dog.

Food in restaurants doesn’t taste as good as it used to either. Things are not seasoned well. My son says even restaurants are cutting back, buying cheaper ingredients and leaving off some spices. I don’t know.

I just know that eating out in a restaurant is not the treat it once was. My own cooking, or my son’s cooking, tastes so much better. Did we suddenly become gourmet cooks, or are restaurants going downhill in America?


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