I’ve been sick for two days and had a lot of time to think about things.

Biggest aggravation is Social Security – when I was unemployed in late 2011, I applied for social security benefits to begin. Although they said I’d qualify for a December payment, they delay your first payment for one month. (funny . . . they didn’t delay taking it out for one month). So I got a small – so small they might as well have kept it – check in January 2012. I also found a job in December 2011 and called to tell them I was working. The man who answered said that was ok. They kept a close eye on my earnings and they would not over-pay me. Ok. So I kept working. I already had one unemployed adult son living at home and being supported by me. January 2012, here came another one.So I needed what was being sent. When I’d try to call (could not call from work) their office was closed, but I felt assured I would not be over-paid as the man on the phone had assured me.

I got payments for several months. Then I got a letter saying I had been overpaid and they wanted it all back right then. What? I tried to call them, and after 20 minutes on hold, gave up and hung up.

I tried to communicate through their website, but they insist I don’t exist. What? Then why are they sending these dunning letters? And every letter has a different amount owed and every letter has a different due date. They say I can go online and find the list of lawyers that will help me for free. Uh, like I’ve told them at least TEN times, I cannot look at anything on their website. They say I don’t exist.

I’ve send probably 8 or 10 letters begging for help.

Today they say they will garnish my wages for what I owe. What? I am not sure WHAT I owe. Which of the amounts was correct and what happened to the hearing I asked to have?

But I guess it’s ok, because retirement is going strong. It’s just that the adult “children” who graduate from college retire right after that and lament being able to find employment. Well, at least they aren’t paying into the broken, mal-administrated social security fiasco. I was promised when they took dollar after dollar after dollar for fifty years that I would get a check when I got older. Now they want money back that they said they would not over-pay.

I am very angry.


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