Portrait of Illness

Last night I noticed my reflection in the bathroom mirror and was startled. I’ve been sick a couple days, but surely that creature with the creased face and uncombed hair was not me! I went and got the camera and took a picture of myself. I may post it here, but I probably won’t. I believe I looked the worst I’ve ever looked! My son said after my appendectomy I looked like I was going to die. He said they wheeled me back into my hospital room and he was shocked at my appearance. He took a picture of me that day, but I was smiling in it. Maybe if I’d smiled in the one last night, I would have looked better? I’ve finally taken a shower. I was having chills and couldn’t bear the thought of it until tonight. I hope I’m getting better. It seems when you’re older the illnesses that you shrugged off years ago sink their teeth into you and don’t want to let go. Looking at that picture from last night, I’m sure I’ve lived too long to leave a beautiful corpse.


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