No Guidelines

One of the differences in becoming a senior citizen and passing through other stages of life is there is often no one to go to seeking affirmation or advice. My mother died before she was as old as I am. My grandmother, who lived almost twenty years more would be well over 100 years old now – but she is not here to question.

As with puberty, with aging, one faces changes in their bodies and while marveling that the body can even change like that!, one also wonders what’s next? It would help to have some sages around who could guide us on this new adventure – the adventure of growing old.

I have a few friends my age who share their most recent discoveries as they age, but there are also those who pretend nothing has changed. I watched a colleague at work who is older than I am as she sat in the floor working on something. “How are you going to get up?” I asked her? (I never get in the floor anymore unless there are plenty of children around who love to help Ms. C. up, or unless there is something to hold onto close by. She just winked at me and said, “I’m going to rock and roll my way up.” I kind of knew what she meant, but she often acts like she isn’t experiencing some of the things I know I’m going through.

Some days are better than others. This morning I feel well and can tie my own shoes easily. I do wonder when I bought these tight jeans? I find myself putting on my diabetic socks so my feet will be cushioned as I walk the grocery store aisles.

I just ordered a pair of sneakers with a zipper closing. I do not know if I’ll like them or not. The customer reviews were good, although the shoes themselves are not extremely attractive. One woman said she bought them for her mother who loved not having to tie shoestrings. So I look forward to seeing if a zippered closing will be that much better?

That’s how we learn as we age. Trial and error. Who knew long underwear would become a staple garment during the cold months? Who knew diabetic socks would help so much with circulation? No one told me. I just checked out any info I could find and tried what I thought might work. Today it is zippered sneakers. Tomorrow, who knows?


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