Unable to Understand

I am finding that people younger than I am, even those in their 50’s or late 40’s, have no idea how “delicate” you become as you age. Maybe it’s some of the health problems older people have? Maybe there are oldsters who don’t begin to not be able to do certain things, or who don’t find that the effort is more than the goal is worth.

I also find that I get sick more easily. The sicknesses are harder and last longer than they did when I was younger.

We’ve had some snow, freezing rain and sleet today. I wouldn’t try to walk on it for anything in the world. I’ve just gotten over a bad respiratory infection that kept me out of work 3 days. I don’t want a relapse.

Perhaps my judgment has improved since I’ve aged. I’ve seen people take chances. I’ve taken a few myself. When they don’t work out, you realize you need to put more thought into things.



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