Older Than You Are

One of my friends at work commented today that she really didn’t like getting old. She says she’s starting to do things her mother does. I asked her how old she was and then told her I was eleven years older than she is. Just wait, ha, ha. I tried to stand in a chair at work this week to put something on the wall. What in the world happened to my legs??? Just as I put the second foot on the seat of the chair and was congratulating myself for getting up so high, my knees buckled and I found myself squatting in the chair. Well, that was a mess, wasn’t it? I managed to grab hold of something close by and extricate myself from that chair and promise myself I’d either bring in a small step ladder or keep my feet on the floor from now on.

Do you remember all the marvelous things your body did as you changed during puberty? Well, guess what? You get as many changes as you age into being a senior citizen, but not all of them are welcomed.


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