Medical Generalities

I don’t like the way medical professionals (and others) like to lump us all together as being the same medically and in the way certain things affect us all. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t drink soft drinks before bed because the caffeine in them will keep you awake. Well, soft drinks make me sleepy and I resent anyone telling me differently. It turns out that soft drinks increase my blood sugar and that helps me sleep. I’m very sensitive to medicines. There is one that will stop my breathing. I often break a pill in half to see how my body reacts to it before taking a whole one. This annoys some people, but they have not seen the reaction I have to some medicines. I was in a drug testing trial one time and was the only one who could not go out and walk around the building daily – the medicine had that much of a reaction with my body. A doctor once refused to give me pills that I needed, but said she preferred to give the medicine to me in a shot. Well, needless to say she lost a patient that day, because I moved on to a different doctor who was more understanding. Don’t assume that just because something affects you one way, that it affects others in the same fashion. I’m not just talking about medicine now.


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