Television’s Portrayal of Older Adults

I do not like the way I see older adults portrayed on television. If you believe what the idiot box shows, all old people can’t see, can’t hear, need diapers and stay confused. What kind of messages are TV shows sending? I am probably more capable in my current decade than I’ve been in any other, and I’ve been very capable all through my life. I do take time now to consider ideas before leaping into action, but that comes from experience. It would be nice if TV shows had viewers see senior citizens as the wealth of knowledge and ideas that they are. We all learn from mistakes, and I’ve made plenty. The beauty of this age is that I don’t make many mistakes any more. I can see ahead to what might happen, and I know how to avoid certain disasters. As long as younger people see seniors as “has beens” and “can’t do’s”, they will miss out on a lot of wisdom.


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