Health Under All The Wrinkles

Last week was not good for me health-wise. I battled with my doctor. I was stressed out by a family member. It culminated in a severe asthma attack on Friday that prevented me from being able to work that day.

Should a doctor be so unbendable, so much more into his computer screen than he is into his live patient, that the patient has a severe asthma attack? I emailed and called his office repeatedly about a new prescription. The amount of the medicine was wrong at the drugstore. It needed to be fixed. All I got all week long were replies that they had checked and the prescription had been filled and was waiting for pick-up. BUT, I KEPT TELLING THEM . . . THE AMOUNT OF THE MEDICINE WAS WRONG!!! They never did understand. Now I need to find a new doctor and the task seems daunting. I even checked to see if I could switch since this is the doctor I chose when I signed up for my health insurance and the Know Nothing employee I was chatting with at the Health Insurance Office (on line chatting) said she had no idea about the answer to that question and I’d have to call an 800 number. With the little breath I was able to get, I had no desire to try to talk on the phone to someone who would be half listening.

The fall of America? We are bringing it on ourselves. So many bright, shiny, electronic objects to play with all day long – even at work, as my doctor prefers his computer screen to actually looking at me when I’m talking to him . . . While we distract ourselves, what is happening to our country? Forced health insurance so that all the doctors collect as many bucks as possible from patients they care little about and probably would not recognize on the street if they passed them.

Now they say any illegal can register any child without proper papers at any chosen public school and the school cannot turn them away. What has happened to America? Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?


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