How Dressed Should I Get?

Summertime – the time of the year when school teachers get to stay home. Oh, how many people say they wish they could get 2 months off every year. Yeah? Even if it comes without pay?

But the days are free and easy and one of my biggest concerns is how dressed should I get every day. I try not to stay in my pajamas all day as it tends to make me lazy. When I’m up and dressed, I am more apt to tackle a project or housework.

Just this morning I threw out another box. I have a roomful of packed boxes that I need to go through this summer. My goal was to get rid of one box in that room every day by going through the contents and either throwing things away or putting them where they need to go. This morning I got lucky. The box I picked up was empty. Huh? Ok, out it went and that goal for today was done. lol!


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